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Do you want possibly the best internship in the world?

  • We’ll pay you to come work in our Central Coast office (good start right?).
  • But if it suits you better to work from home some of the time, we can definitely work something out!
  • The chances of you going viral on our UP&GO Social Media is pretty high.
  • You’ll get loads of UP&GO, training and heaps of cool opportunities.
  • You’ll get really good at making coffee and sorting mail (Jokes. Kind of).

Who do you think you are anyway? We don’t know but we reckon:

  • You’ll be all about social media – this is a social media internship after all. You’ll be familiar with working on multiple platforms, you’ll know what is likely to work on each and  (PAY ATTENTION – THIS BIT IS REALLY IMPORTANT) you’ll be great at creating content that influences and engages people . Maybe this social media thing is what you want to do when you grow up? Growing up is totally optional though.
  • You’ll love a challenge. This isn’t wrapping Christmas presents at the mall, this is a once-in-a-year opportunity and we want to see you achieve something you can put in your CV or at least brag to your mates about.
  • You’ll be creative. You’ll need to be able to come up with great ideas that work for both us and our fans.
  • You need to love UP&GO. You’re going to be living and breathing it. No, not literally, that’s a bad idea.

So you think you want to come and work with us? Sweet, there’s just a couple of things we need you to do:

  • We want you to show us why you’d be the Intern for us. Cause this is a social media internship we reckon you should probably show us you know how to create some content, either a video cover letter – or an example of the type of UP&GO TikToks you’d make for us. What you decide to show us is up to you but this is totally your opportunity to stand out. There’s a box down there for you to send us a link to something you’ve created to show us why we should pick you. This is quite possibly the most important part of the whole application. Impress us.
  • Do your homework. We need someone who can be trusted to be the voice of UP&GO so you need to have a read of the job description and the brand information to make sure you don’t confuse awesome with something else.
  • Fill out the info below; be honest and have fun.